a whole. Decide what kind of gadget hunt for. Mp3 player? Digital Camera? Brand New Laptop? Maid Tool? Or just Home appliance for decorate your flat?

2. Check what feature wish to. Ex: If you want to buy a cellphone, what activity do you do most? If you just use Cellphone for Sms and prepare a call don't waste your money to buy the expensive one with regarding feature an individual won't use any pros

3. Make a list contain 3-5 choice. Then write the advantages and disadvantages each one with many factors like feature, price, technology, and design. In the last line, answer the question : Is this gadget fits me?

4. Look in order to your jean pocket. Don't push so hard to buy the expensive gadget if for example the budget don't really sociable.

5. Even though you buy offline, check the internet store could be the great in order to see the review really.

6. Look at the gadget merchandise. If it's high, so it's really popular. If you love trends and even buy gadget with good reputation, buy it. But if you do not wish to look same with most people, avoid that product

7. If pals and family have the same one, just give it a try. Borrow at least 30 minutes enough to make the second impression.

8. Ask when you do if you'll second impression. Yahoo! Answer is great site to ask for.

9. Check the warranty. Is a good gadget break in one days, you know where declare it

10. Rethink design and style. For some people, ought to. But if you want the function, don't stuck with beautiful-designed gadget

11. If you lack of money, you can wait without a doubt month up to the price goes down. Gadgets price usually go down, only handful of them get the price higher. But don't wait too long, or you will miss it!

12. Buy the second hand device? I don't think so, device life is just too short so that will easily break the best quality it.

13. If focuses on the theory to purchase it comes in nearly-end season just delay until the season changes, because in year many companies release services.

14. Year end sale is good, but don't waste difficult earned money to buy something you don't want.
15. If you plan to buy online, look at the site's reputation. There are a lot of fake site out there and sell something fake (usually the rare item and sold in very low price)

16. If you acquire console/ handheld, check which game such as release its copy. You won't buy PS3 if you like Zelda game, aren't the person?

17. Don't be shy to call the company who produce it. Collect more results are a have to have to.

18. Love limited product and would like to be on your own who have it? Think to buy it imported from Japan. They like to make lots of limited products, and a lot of limited version gadgets right. But you have to provide more money for point product.

19. See the review at the magazine. Be sure the magazine you read is fair (don't receive money from the manufacture create something good about the products)

20. If you buy the home appliance electronics, make sure it fits your your own home. Why waste money if you certainly storage conserve lots of it?

21. Look if it's operated with rechargeable battery or not even. Gadget which needs non rechargeable battery can waste your hard. Remember how the first Game Boy Advance waste our money because it requires 2 AA battery every 4-5 hour play?

22. Look the case/ skin material. Better material may be for the life of gadget

23. For the one who love design or easily bored, it's really recommended opt for gadget
which have custom skin or have lots of 3rd party company create skins and accessory for them

24. Check the compatibility with your OS if the gadget will want to contact with computer via USB/ Infrared/ Bluetooth. Specially when your OS is non Windows.

For more about hiking equipment take a look at our own web page.

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