I'm gon na assess one of my favorite timeless RPG video game, Final Dream 8. Maintain analysis ...


The story of FF 8 is not as well made complex like others RPG video games such as Xenogears and Chrono Cross. You play as Squall Leonheart, a group leader of future mercenaries who has objective to stop an old hag and also save the world from damage. Sadly, the story does not establish well.

It's all about love.

The love story between Squall and also Rhinoa is extremely well-known, it could be the main tale of FF 8.

FF 8 Characters.

* Squall Leonheart.

An extremely handsome 17 years of ages child. He is antisocial individual and also only appreciates himself.

* Rhinoa Heartily.

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* Quistis Trepe.

She is a complex woman as well as it appears that she additionally enjoys Squall.

* Zell Dincht.

Squall's greatest close friend. Unfortunately, he is a quick-tempered individual.

* Selphie Tilmitt.

A moved student that always looks satisfied. She has an adorable face and also amusing strange hair.

* Irvine Kinneas.

A great cowboy with cool weapon. Yet the truth, he is weaker than he looks.


* The fight system of this video game is extremely one-of-a-kind. Unlike FF 7, cheapest black desert online silver you no more can get loan after beating monster, however you can get it from your job. One of the most interesting of this video game is you can mobilize some large creatures called Guardian Pressure (GF). They will assist you a great deal in defeating beasts as well as bosses in this video game. There are a lot GF in FF 8 globe, it takes hours if you wish to gather all of the Guardian Force.

* No armor you can locate along the game. And you should upgrade your tool occasionally.

* Each character has no unique magic because magic is a product in this video game. However you can obtain magic by taking it from the adversaries.

* Joint system.

You can add certain magics to your tool (such as firaga). It is a lot easier to triumph if you know just how to understand this system.

* The best boss in previous collection, Ultima Weapon, additionally appears in this game. Ensure you have actually gotten to degree 100 if you intend to battle this manager.


Unlike FF 7 and FF 9, the characters in FF 8 look reasonable and extremely detailed. The game histories also look so cool as well as fantastic. And also the very best component is the opening FMV. (it could be the best opening FMV in the playstation console).

If you are a timeless RPG video games collector, you should add FF 8 to your list.

Thanks for reading my testimonial ...

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